Farmers Celebrate Gray Wolf’s Removal from Endangered Species List

Many American and Canadian farmers and ranchers have found it difficult to defend their herds against wolf attacks.

In late October, the Department of the Interior announced they would be removing the gray wolf from the endangered species list- a move farmers have long called for. The gray wolf had been listed as endangered for more than four decades.

The listing indicates wild wolf populations have recovered under the parameters defined by the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, described the de-listing as “an Endangered Species Act success story,” stating the “gray wolf joins more than 50 other animals, including the bald eagle, as an example of how careful management and partnerships between federal and state agencies can result in the successful recovery of a once-threatened species. The gray wolf population is now thriving so it is appropriate to turn management over to the states, which can oversee the species in a way that is most appropriate for each region.”

When the Fish and Wildlife Service announced they would begin the de-listing process in 2019, Duvall described the decision as “welcome news to farmers and ranchers,” who often struggle to defend their herds against gray wolf attacks.

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